Posted On: Sep 29, 2022

AWS Compute Optimizer now provides cost and performance optimization recommendations for 37 new EC2 instances types, including bare metal instances (m6g.metal) and compute optimized instances (c7g.2xlarge, hpc6a.48xlarge). Additionally, AWS Compute Optimizer now analyzes the “Available Mbytes”, “Available Kbytes”, and “Available Bytes” metrics to deliver more accurate EC2 instance recommendations for EC2 Windows instances.

With this launch, AWS Compute Optimizer now supports a total of 425 EC2 instance types. Previously, AWS Compute Optimizer only analyzed “Memory % Committed Bytes in Use” as memory metric for EC2 Windows instances. AWS Compute Optimizer now uses “Available Mbytes”, “Available Kbytes”, and “Available Bytes” as preferred memory metrics, which are more accurate measures of physical memory utilization excluding the impact of pagefile. When “Available Mbytes”, “Available Kbytes”, and “Available Bytes” metrics are not available, AWS Compute Optimizer will fall back to use “Memory % Committed Bytes in Use” metric as memory metric.

You can configure Amazon CloudWatch Agent to report “Available Mbytes”, “Available Kbytes”, and “Available Bytes” to AWS Compute Optimizer. To learn more about the new feature updates, please visit AWS Compute Optimizer’s product page and user guide. Get your optimal performance and saving recommendations today on AWS resources via AWS Compute Optimizer Console.