Posted On: Sep 14, 2022

We are excited to announce that AWS Config has reduced conformance pack prices by up to 58% depending on your usage levels. A conformance pack is a collection of AWS Config rules and remediation actions that can be easily deployed as a single entity in an account and a Region or across an entire organization, helping you manage the compliance of your AWS resources at scale.

Conformance packs are charged using a three-tiered pricing model based on the number of conformance pack evaluations, defined as an evaluation of a resource by an AWS Config rule within the conformance pack. This price reduction lowers the cost per conformance pack evaluation across every tier and also decreases the number of evaluations needed to reach each tier. The end result is that users of conformance packs may see their bills decrease up to 58% depending on where their usage falls within the different tiers.

All of the AWS Config conformance pack price reductions will be effective September 14, 2022 and will be automatically reflected in your AWS bill. For more information on the specific price reductions by tier, see our pricing page or documentation.