Posted On: Oct 11, 2022

AWS Activate provides startups, including both smaller, early stage companies and more advanced digital businesses, with free tools and resources to quickly get started on AWS. Today we are excited to announce the availability of the new AWS Activate to any self-identified startup. Activate is full of personalized tools and resources designed to support startups through every stage of their journey, from their initial idea, to building a MVP, to securing their first customer, to scaling their business on AWS and beyond.

Any startup can join AWS Activate and get instant access to:

  • More than 40 battle-tested AWS solution templates tailored to a startup’s use case
  • Personalized tools, resources, and content tailored to a startup’s needs
  • Best practices for optimizing performance, managing risks, and keeping costs under control
  • Access to AWS Startup Lofts offering founders a wealth of resources, exclusive webinars, and free 1:1 sessions with AWS startup experts to support a startup’s journey from idea to IPO including co-working space in select locations.
Then, when startups are ready, AWS Activate members can apply for up to $100,000 in AWS credits, technical support credits, and access to exclusive third party offers.

AWS Activate generally available in all AWS regions. Join AWS Activate today