Posted On: Oct 14, 2022

AWS Transfer Family now supports post-upload processing of partially uploaded files using managed workflows, offering customers even more control in defining and executing file-processing steps for both complete and incomplete file uploads.

AWS Transfer Family provides fully managed workflows that allow you to specify and automate post-upload processing steps for files received using your AWS Transfer Family servers. Previously, you could only trigger workflows on fully uploaded files. With this launch, you can now configure workflows to trigger processing of files that are only partially received, for instance in the event of a premature session disconnect. This provides you more control on how to handle incomplete file uploads. For example, customers can now specify a custom workflow step that triggers when files are only partially received to automatically notify the user to retry sending the files, or to move incomplete files to a separate folder for troubleshooting.

AWS Transfer Family support for this new feature is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Transfer Family is available, at no additional cost. To get started with this new feature in your AWS account, visit the managed workflows documentation.

To learn more about using workflows for partial uploads, refer to this blog post.