Posted On: Sep 2, 2021

AWS Transfer Family now supports managed workflows that makes it easy for you to create, execute, and monitor post upload processing for file transfers over SFTP, FTPS, and FTP for Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS. Using this feature, you can save time with low code automation to coordinate all the necessary tasks such as copying and tagging. You can also configure custom logic to scan for errors in the data including Personal Identifiable Information (PII), viruses, malware, or incorrect file formats or types. With managed workflows, quickly detect anomalies and meet your compliance requirements with ease.

AWS Transfer Family’s managed workflows help you orchestrate common file processing steps such copying and tagging, without the overhead of managing your own custom code and infrastructure. Bring your own file processing logic using AWS Lambda for use cases such as malware scanning and file-type compatibility checks, so that you can easily pre-process data before feeding it to your data analytics pipelines.

Get started with AWS Transfer Family’s managed workflows today in two steps. First, set up your workflow by defining a sequence of action steps. Next, map the workflow to one of your AWS Transfer Family’s managed file servers. This ensures that upon file arrival, actions specified in this workflow are evaluated and triggered in real-time. To monitor your ongoing workflow executions, you can use the AWS Transfer Family Management Console and set up detailed alerts using Amazon CloudWatch logs.

Support for managed workflows is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Transfer Family is available. To learn more about this feature, visit AWS Transfer Family’s usage guide on Managing post processing workflows.