Posted On: Nov 18, 2022

The ACK controller for Amazon EMR on Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has graduated to generally available status. Using the ACK controller for EMR on EKS, you can declaratively define and manage EMR on EKS resources such as virtual clusters and job runs as Kubernetes custom resources. This lets you manage these resources directly using Kubernetes-native tools such as ‘kubectl’. 

EMR on EKS is a deployment option for EMR that allows you to run open-source big data frameworks on EKS clusters. You can consolidate analytical workloads with your Kubernetes-based applications on the same Amazon EKS cluster to improve resource utilization and simplify infrastructure management and tooling. ACK is a collection of Kubernetes custom resource definitions (CRDs) and custom controllers working together to extend the Kubernetes API and manage AWS resources on your behalf.

ACK controller for EMR on EKS is compatible with current EMR and EKS versions. To get started, you can follow the tutorial and run Spark jobs in minutes. You can also learn more in blog posts that demonstrates how to use Argo Workflows to orchestrate Apache Spark jobs using ACK controller for EMR on EKS.