Posted On: Nov 21, 2022

Amazon CloudFront now supports continuous deployment, a new feature to test and validate the configuration changes with a portion of live traffic before deploying changes to all viewers.

Continuous deployment with CloudFront gives you a high level of deployment safety. You can now deploy two separate but identical environments—blue and green, and enable simple integration into your continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines with the ability to roll out releases gradually without any domain name system (DNS) changes. It ensures that your viewer gets a consistent experience through session stickiness by binding the viewer session to the same environment. Additionally, you can compare the performance of your changes by monitoring standard and real-time logs and quickly revert to the previous configuration when a change negatively impacts a service. Typical use cases for this feature include checking for backward compatibility, post-deployment verification, and validating new features with a smaller group of viewers.

Continuous deployment support is available across all the CloudFront edge locations at no additional cost. You can access it through CloudFront Console, SDK, Command Line Interface, or CloudFormation template. Please visit the launch blog or the documentation to learn more about the new feature.