Posted On: Nov 27, 2022

Amazon Web Services launches cross-account observability across Amazon CloudWatch to help you monitor and troubleshoot applications that span multiple AWS accounts within an AWS Region. With cross-account observability in CloudWatch, you can seamlessly search, visualize, and analyze your metrics, logs, and traces without any account boundaries. Centralized security, operations, platform teams, and service owners deploying applications across multiple accounts can aggregate and correlate cross-account telemetry data in Amazon CloudWatch. They can use resulting trends and insights to efficiently monitor and troubleshoot issues affecting the health of their applications. Cross-account observability is an addition to CloudWatch’s unified observability capability.

Using cross-account observability in CloudWatch, you can search for log groups stored across multiple accounts, run cross-account Logs Insights queries, and create Contributor Insights rules across accounts to identify top-N contributors generating log entries. You can visualize metrics from many accounts in a consolidated view, and create alarms that evaluate metrics from other accounts to be notified of anomalies and trending issues. With the cross-account observability experience in CloudWatch, you can view an interactive map of your cross-account applications using CloudWatch ServiceLens with one-click drill downs to relevant metrics, logs, and traces. You also get end-to-end distributed traces for requests that span across accounts through AWS X-Ray. For example, you can get an end-to-end trace for the entire request flow of an application that has AWS Lambda functions calling each other across AWS accounts. With this feature, you do not need to switch accounts when you are troubleshooting, which saves you time and provides a more complete picture of a trend at a glance.

Cross-account observability in Amazon CloudWatch is now available in all commercial AWS Regions and you can start using it immediately. Cross-account observability in CloudWatch comes with no extra cost for logs and metrics, and the first trace copy is free — see the Amazon CloudWatch pricing page for details. To learn more about cross-account observability, please refer to our documentation.