Posted On: Nov 30, 2022

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is announcing the general availability of Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters, a new type of Amazon DocumentDB cluster that let’s you elastically scale your document database to handle millions of reads and writes per second with petabytes of storage.

With Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters, you can leverage the MongoDB Sharding API to create scalable collections that can be petabytes in size. You can start with Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters for their small applications and scale their clusters to handle millions of reads and writes per second, and PBs of storage capacity as their applications grow. Scaling Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters is as simple as changing the number of cluster shards in the console and the rest is handled by the Amazon DocumentDB service, and can be as fast as minutes compared to hours when done manually. You can also scale down to save on cost at anytime. 

Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters provides many of the same management capabilities as Amazon DocumentDB instance-based clusters including Multi-AZ support, AWS CloudWatch integration, automated patching and snapshot back-ups. You can continue to use existing MongoDB tools and application drivers to work with Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters. In addition to simple queries, you can also leverage powerful aggregation pipelines in Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters to filter, group, process, and sort data across shards.

To learn more, read the documentation, and get started by creating an Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters using only a few steps in the AWS Management Console. For pricing and region availability, visit the pricing page.