Posted On: Nov 21, 2022

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Custom for Oracle now supports customization of the Oracle Database installation, including the file system paths for Oracle Base and Oracle Home, and identities of the operating system user and group associated with the database. With today’s release, you can further customize your Oracle Database installation on RDS Custom for Oracle to suit the needs of your applications and conform to your organization’s standardized deployment practices. 

By using Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle, you can obtain access to the operating system required for a wider range of applications, and benefit from the agility of a managed database service, with features such as automated backups and point-in-time recovery. Oracle Home customization further enables you to run legacy applications that require the Oracle Database software to be located in a specific location or owned by a specific user.

Oracle Home customization is available for all Oracle major database versions supported in RDS Custom for Oracle today, including 12.1, 12.2, 18c, and 19c.

To learn more about Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle, please see the Amazon RDS Custom User Guide and Amazon RDS Custom Pricing for pricing details and regional availability.