Posted On: Nov 17, 2022

Amazon Redshift, a fully-managed cloud data warehouse, now supports the CONNECT BY SQL construct enabling users to author queries to process hierarchical data in their warehouse. Starting today, you can recursively query the hierarchical data based on parent-child relationship within that data set using the CONNECT BY construct.

Some Amazon Redshift customers use hierarchical data such as organizational charts within their warehouse. In April 2021, we announced support for a Recursive Common Table Expression (CTE) to help with this type of query. Now Amazon Redshift supports the CONNECT BY construct to ease out the complexity of Recursive CTE queries. Customers migrating from other database systems, can use the same CONNECT BY construct with Amazon Redshift. Queries using the CONNECT BY will have identical performance as with a Recursive CTE.

This feature is now available in most AWS regions where Amazon Redshift is available. You can find more information about CONNECT BY clause from the Amazon Redshift database developers guide.