Posted On: Nov 18, 2022

Today, AWS announces the general availability of the command aliases feature in AWS Chatbot, which allows you to use shortcuts to reference AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) commands in Slack. Command aliases allows you run frequently used commands quickly and reduces typing errors. With this feature you can now create aliases for your routine AWS CLI commands and run these alias commands directly from your Slack channels. The aliases can be configured to include one or more custom parameters. To use a command alias, you just type “@aws run <alias_name>” in the chat channel. Command aliases run under the configured channel permissions and no additional permissions management is required.

You can create easy-to-remember command aliases for frequently used AWS CLI-based IT and DevOps tasks. When events occur, channel members can use command aliases to diagnose and remediate issues quickly. For example, you can use command aliases to increase Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group details or run an AWS Lambda function. You don’t need to recall the exact CLI syntax when running command aliases.

You can configure and use command alias at no additional cost. This feature is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Chatbot service is offered. To learn more about command aliases in AWS Chatbot, see the documentation. To get started with AWS Chatbot, visit the AWS Chatbot product page.