Posted On: Nov 17, 2022

We are excited to announce the new AWS IoT ExpressLink Technical Specification v1.1 for hardware connectivity modules, and expand our qualified module list with Realtek’s Ameba Z2 AWS IoT ExpressLink - the first Wi-Fi connectivity module to qualify with the new specification. AWS IoT ExpressLink modules enable easy AWS cloud-connectivity and implement AWS-mandated security requirements for device to cloud connections. Integrating these wireless modules into their hardware design, customers can accelerate the development of their Internet of Things (IoT) products, including consumer products, industrial and agricultural sensors and controllers.

The v1.1 release adds integrated AWS IoT Device Defender support, new commands for AWS IoT Device Shadow, and a new onboarding by-claim mechanism. With the new ‘SHADOW’ command, you can retrieve or update a (named or unnamed) device shadow document as a whole, or subscribe to receive automatic notifications when any part of it has been modified, making it easier for even resource constrained devices to access. Similarly, with the AWS IoT Device Defender service integration, the user can set a time period parameter (DefenderPeriod), enabling the module to automatically send a number of Device Defender custom metrics.

The new AWS IoT ExpressLink onboarding by-claim process, offered in this release, makes it easier and more flexible for customers to associate a physical device with a thing in their AWS IoT account. At activation, each AWS IoT ExpressLink powered module automatically connects to an AWS staging-account endpoint. Only later, when the end-user registers the finished product, it is automatically moved to the customer/OEM endpoint. This allows for greater flexibility in the endpoint selection and can help streamline the manufacturing process. It also removes the need for the customer/OEM to share secrets (credentials) with any other party in the supply chain.

To learn more about these features, visit the AWS IoT ExpressLink product page or browse the AWS Device Catalog for qualified ExpressLink Wi-Fi and cellular modules from our partners Espressif, Infineon, Realtek and u-blox.