Posted On: Nov 10, 2022

AWS Lambda now enables Lambda Extensions to collect enhanced monitoring and observability data about your function execution through the new AWS Lambda Telemetry API. The Telemetry API provides a simple interface for extensions to receive logs, platform traces, and function invocation-level metrics directly from Lambda. Today, you can benefit from these enhanced capabilities by utilizing Telemetry API enabled extensions from these AWS Partner Network (APN) partners: Coralogix, Datadog, Dynatrace, Lumigo, New Relic, Sedai,, Site24x7, Sumo Logic, Sysdig, and Thundra.

Lambda extensions enable you to use your favorite third-party tools to monitor and observe your Lambda functions. Until now, Lambda offered AWS Lambda Logs API enabling extensions to consume logs generated by the function, extension, and Lambda platform directly from Lambda. With this launch, we are introducing the new Telemetry API which is an enhanced version of Logs API. In addition to the log streams offered by the Logs API, Telemetry API offers traces and metrics about the events and errors related to Lambda execution environment lifecycle. Extensions can directly consume, process, filter, and send these telemetry streams to any preferred destination. This means that your favorite monitoring and observability vendors can now deliver richer insights about the performance of your Lambda function with improved latency and without requiring you to build additional instrumentation.

AWS Lambda Telemetry API is now available in all commercial regions where AWS Lambda is available, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. For more information, see the AWS Region table.

You can deploy extensions that use the Telemetry API for functions packaged as ZIP archives or as container images. To get started with extensions from APN Partners, follow the links provided in the launch blog post. You can also build your own extension that uses Telemetry API. To learn how, visit the AWS Lambda Developer Guide.