Posted On: Nov 29, 2022

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect now provides conversational analytics capabilities for Amazon Connect Chat, extending the machine learning powered analytics to better assess chat contacts. These capabilities enable businesses to understand customer sentiment in both agent and chatbot conversations, redact sensitive customer information, and monitor agent compliance with company guidelines to help improve agent performance and customer experience. 

With Contact Lens’ conversational analytics for chat, businesses can identify contacts where customers had issues based on specific keywords, sentiment score, contact categories, and agent response time. Contact Lens also provides chat summarization, a capability that uses machine learning to classify key parts of the customer’s conversation (e.g. issue, outcome, or action item) and enables businesses to dive deep into specific sections of the chat transcript. Contact Lens’ conversational analytics for chat can also detect and redact sensitive customer information (e.g., name, credit card details, social security number, etc.) from chat transcripts and provide access to both redacted and unredacted chat transcripts. 

Contact Lens’ conversational analytics for chat is currently available for post-chat use cases and is supported in all the AWS Regions where Contact Lens’ conversational analytics for voice is already available. 

To get started, please see our help documentation or visit our webpage. For information about pricing, please visit our Contact Lens pricing page for more details.