Posted On: Nov 21, 2022

AWS Service Catalog customers can now create AWS Service Catalog products that are synced to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates that are managed in external repositories such as GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, or Bitbucket.

AWS Service Catalog customers often manage their IaC templates in an external repository, such as GitHub, GitHub Enterprise or BitBucket. When creating new or updating existing product versions, they have to build and manage separate code pipelines that ensure alignment between their AWS Service Catalog product versions and the template files in their repositories. With today’s launch, AWS Service Catalog customers no longer need to build and manage this additional code infrastructure. They can use their external repositories as a single source of truth to manage and update their IaC template files, and AWS Service Catalog will sync changes automatically.

To create synced AWS Service Catalog products, customers must authorize a one-time connection between their AWS account and external third-party provider account using AWS CodeStar Connections. Once a connection is established, AWS Service Catalog administrators can create new or update existing AWS Service Catalog products based on a template file within a given repository and branch. If a change to the template file is committed in the repository, AWS Service Catalog will automatically detect the change and create a new product version. Previous product versions will be maintained up to the prescribed version limit and their status is changed to ‘deprecated’. This feature for AWS Service Catalog can be used through the AWS Command Line Interface(CLI), AWS API, or through the AWS Service Catalog console.

To learn more about using GitHub, GitHub Enterprise or BitBucket with AWS Service Catalog, go here. The feature is available in all AWS commercial regions where AWS Service Catalog and AWS CodeStar Connection are available. For more information about Service Catalog, please visit the AWS Service Catalog product page and documentation.