Posted On: Dec 14, 2022

Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Insights alarms enables customers to alarm on entire fleets of dynamically changing resources with a single alarm using standard SQL queries. CloudWatch Metrics Insights offers fast, flexible, SQL-based queries. By combining CloudWatch alarms with Metrics Insights queries, customers can now set up dynamic alarms that consistently monitor fast moving environments and alert when anomalies are detected.

With Metric Insights alarms you can set alarms using Metric Insight queries that monitor multiple resources without having to worry if the resources are short lived or not. For example, you can set a single alarm that alerts when any of your EC2 instances reaches a high threshold for CPU utilization and the alarm will evaluate new instances that are launched afterwards.

To get started, click on the All Metrics link under Metrics on the left navigation pane of the CloudWatch console and choose the Query tab where you will then be able to create your alarms using standard SQL queries. You can also use CloudWatch API, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Cloud Development Kit.

Metric Insights alarms is now available in all Regions where Metrics Insights is publicly available. For information about pricing, see Amazon CloudWatch Pricing. To learn more see our Metric Insight alarm documentation page.