Posted On: Dec 13, 2022

Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports copying option groups during in-region cross-account snapshot copy requests using the API, CLI, or AWS Backup. Amazon RDS uses option groups to enable and configure features that make it simple to manage your databases. Copying the option groups with the snapshot on cross account copy allows you to restore that snapshot in the target account with the same options as the source snapshot without needing to reconfigure the option groups. 

A new optional Boolean parameter CopyOptionGroup is now added to the CopyDBSnapshot API and CLI commands. You can now copy options groups not present on the destination snapshot from the source snapshot by setting this parameter to true.

The CopyOptionGroup parameter is available in all the AWS commercial and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To learn more, review the Amazon RDS API documentation. To try out CopyOptionGroup with your snapshot, visit AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), AWS SDKs, or AWS Backup