Posted On: Jan 17, 2023

Today, we released two new AWS managed policies for Amazon Detective. AWS managed policies make it easier for users to gain the proper level of permissions to leverage the service for security investigations. AWS managed policies are maintained by AWS to reduce work for customers in managing access permissions for users in specific job roles. For more information on AWS managed policies, you can read AWS managed policies in the IAM User Guide.

AmazonDetectiveMemberAccess is a new AWS managed policy that allows users to view invitations to Detective’s behavior graph, accept or reject invitations, and view how usage contributes to cost. AmazonDetectiveInvestigatorAccess is a new AWS managed policy designed for security analysts who need to conduct full security investigations, archive Amazon GuardDuty findings, but not manage member accounts. 

We also updated permissions to the current AWS managed policy AmazonDetectiveFullAccess to ensure assigned users can see the full details of GuardDuty findings in the Detective console. To learn more about the new AWS managed policies and permissions, visit the Detective documentation page.

There is no additional charge for these new AWS managed policies, and they are available today for existing and new Detective customers. To get started, enable a 30-day free trial of Amazon Detective with just a few clicks in the AWS Management console. See the AWS Regions page for all the regions where Detective is available. To learn more, visit the Amazon Detective product page.