Posted On: Jan 9, 2023

Amazon S3 Storage Lens now offers lower pricing tiers for customers with 25 billion or more objects, making continuous monitoring of large storage footprints more cost effective. Customers with hundreds of billions of objects will now see progressively lower prices, saving up to 40% on organization-wide storage monitoring.

The first 25B objects are billed at $0.20, the next 75B at $0.16, and all objects beyond 100B at $0.12 per million objects monitored monthly. This new pricing takes effect in the monthly billing cycle starting on January 1, 2023. S3 Storage Lens is pre-configured to include 28 free metrics by default for all customers with 14 days of historical data. By upgrading to S3 Storage Lens advanced metrics and recommendations, customers can receive 35 additional metrics with 15 months of historical data, providing insights related to activity, deeper cost optimization, data protection, and detailed status codes.

Amazon S3 Storage Lens is available in all AWS Regions including the AWS China Regions, but excluding AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. For a detailed view of S3 Storage Lens metrics, refer to the documentation. To see details on the new S3 Storage Lens pricing tiers, visit the Amazon S3 pricing page.