Posted On: Jan 30, 2023

Today, AWS Snow Family announces a new feature that allows for easy updates to the system software of your AWS Snowcone devices. Now, you can request and download Snow system software updates from AWS. It is now possible to install software updates on your AWS Snowcone device using the AWS Snowball Edge client and without returning the device to AWS.

You can keep your AWS Snowcone system software up-to-date, which helps you ensure your devices are secure, reliable, and ready to handle your edge compute needs. To complete offline updates, download the software update from a client machine with connection to the internet using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). For AWS Snowcone devices connected to the internet, you can use the Snowball CLI client to directly update the Snow system software on device. After the Snow system software is installed, reboot the device to run the latest software on AWS Snowcone.

The software update feature is available in all regions where AWS Snowcone is available. For a full list, please visit Snowcone FAQs. To learn more, visit the product page and documentation. To get started, visit the AWS Snow Family console.