Posted On: Feb 6, 2023

Amazon CloudWatch now supports high resolution metric extraction with up to 1 second granularity from structured logs using Embedded Metric Format (EMF). Customers can now provide an optional “StorageResolution” parameter within EMF specification logs with a value of 1 or 60 (default) to indicate the desired resolution (in seconds) of the metric. 

Structured Log Format within CloudWatch Logs allows customers to emit metrics within their logs which are extracted and published to CloudWatch via EMF. Customers can leverage the extracted metrics for real-time incident detection using visualizations and alarming while also being able to perform deeper analysis on the underlying logs using CloudWatch Logs Insights. Today’s launch further simplifies the metric instrumentation for customers as they can now publish both standard resolution (60 seconds) and high resolution (1 second) metrics via EMF, enabling granular visibility into their applications’ health and performance.

Customers can start leveraging EMF by sending EMF logs to CloudWatch natively from their applications, using client libraries and/or using CloudWatch Agent in all AWS regions where CloudWatch is available. There are no additional charges for using this feature, and you simply pay for usage of CloudWatch logs and metrics. To learn more, visit the documentation on CloudWatch Embedded Metric Format.

Feb 9, 2023: A previous version of this post incorrectly referenced ADOT collector. We have updated this reference to CloudWatch Agent.