Posted On: Feb 22, 2023

Kubernetes 1.25 introduced several new features and bug fixes, and AWS is excited to announce that you can now use Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro to run Kubernetes version 1.25. Starting today, you can create new 1.25 clusters or upgrade your existing clusters to 1.25 using the Amazon EKS console, the eksctl command line interface, or through an infrastructure-as-code tool.

Some things to note in this release are the removal of PodSecurityPolicy (PSP), the graduation of Pod Security Admission to stable, and enhancements to cluster authentication. If you are using PSP in your cluster, then before upgrading your cluster to version 1.25, you must migrate your PSP to the built-in Kubernetes Pod Security Standards or to a policy-as-code solution to avoid interruptions and to protect your workloads. You can learn more in the PSP removal FAQ page and in  the EKS Best Practices Guide. For detailed information on major changes in Kubernetes 1.25, see the Amazon EKS blog post and the Kubernetes project release notes.

Kubernetes 1.25 support for Amazon EKS is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon EKS is available, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

You can learn more about the Kubernetes versions available on Amazon EKS and instructions to update your cluster to version 1.25 by visiting Amazon EKS documentation. Amazon EKS Distro builds of Kubernetes 1.25 are available through ECR Public Gallery and GitHub. Learn more about the Amazon EKS version lifecycle policies in the documentation.