Posted On: Feb 14, 2023

Amazon EventBridge event buses now supports enhanced integration with AWS Service Quotas. Previously, you could use the AWS Service Quotas page to view the default quotas, applied quotas, and also request quota increases for Amazon EventBridge. Now, with enhanced integration, your quota increase requests for limits such as PutEvents transactions-per-second, number of rules, and invocations per second among others will be processed within one business day or faster, enabling you to respond quickly to changes in usage. 

Amazon EventBridge event buses are a serverless event router that enables you to create scalable event-driven applications by routing events between your own applications, third-party SaaS applications, and other AWS services. You can set up routing rules to determine where to send your events, allowing for application architectures to react to changes in your systems as they occur. Event buses makes it easier to build event-driven applications by facilitating event ingestion, delivery, security, authorization, and error handling.

Amazon EventBridge event buses enhanced integration with AWS Service Quotas is now available in all AWS Regions where Amazon EventBridge and AWS Service Quotas are available, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, at no additional costs.