Posted On: Feb 15, 2023

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams for Amazon DynamoDB now supports AWS CloudFormation for DynamoDB global tables, which means you can enable streaming to an Amazon Kinesis data stream on your DynamoDB global tables with CloudFormation templates. By streaming your DynamoDB data changes to a Kinesis data stream, you can build advanced streaming applications with Amazon Kinesis services. For example, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics reduces the complexity of building, managing, and integrating with Apache Flink and provides built-in functions to filter, aggregate, and transform streaming data for advanced analytics. You also can use Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to take advantage of managed streaming delivery of DynamoDB table data to other AWS services such as Amazon OpenSearch Service, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon S3.

Global tables build on the global Amazon DynamoDB footprint to provide you with a fully managed, multi-Region, and multi-active database that delivers fast, local, read and write performance for massively scaled, global applications. Global tables replicate your DynamoDB tables automatically across your choice of AWS Regions.

To learn more about Kinesis Data Streams for DynamoDB, see Change Data Capture for Kinesis Data Streams with DynamoDB. For more information about working with CloudFormation, see What Is AWS CloudFormation?