Posted On: Feb 16, 2023

Amazon Managed Grafana now supports inbound network access control that helps you to restrict user access to your Grafana workspaces. Amazon Managed Grafana is a fully managed service for Grafana, a popular open-source analytics platform that enables you to query, visualize, and alert on your metrics, logs, and traces. With this launch, you have granular security controls over the rollout of Grafana workspaces by defining customer-managed prefix lists and VPC endpoints to help you restrict the inbound network traffic that can reach your Grafana workspaces. 

Amazon Managed Grafana supports two modes for user and host access of your Grafana workspace: open access and restricted access. Open access is the default access setting for Grafana workspaces when there are no VPC endpoints or managed prefix list restrictions to reach your Grafana workspace URL; however, users must still authenticate with the configured identity provider(s) in order to log in to the workspace. Restricted access mode enables you to specify the inbound network traffic that is allowed to reach your workspace. To restrict access, you can configure prefix lists to specify IP address ranges from which users and hosts can reach your Grafana workspace. You can also create an interface VPC endpoints to allow AWS resources such as Amazon EC2 instances to access the Amazon Managed Grafana API to manage resources, or you can use a VPC endpoint as part of limiting network access to your Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces.

This release is generally available in the following regions: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (London), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Seoul). Along with this release, we also launched the outbound VPC data source connections to the Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Europe (London) regions. To get started with creating a workspace, visit the AWS Console, use SDK, CLI or CloudFormation. To learn more, check out the Amazon Managed Grafana user guide, the Amazon Managed Grafana product page, and pricing page.