Posted On: Feb 21, 2023

You can now launch and configure Amazon SageMaker Model Monitor from the SageMaker Model Dashboard using a code-free point and click set-up experience. Amazon SageMaker Model Dashboard gives you unified monitoring across to all your models by providing insights into deviations from expected behavior, automated alerts, and troubleshooting to improve model performance. After models are deployed in production, data in the real-world may deviate over time from the data that was used to train the model, which may eventually lead to lower model accuracy. For example, changes in macro-economic conditions such as interest rates could impact the quality of model used to predict housing prices. Model Monitor can detect drift in data quality, model quality, bias, and feature attribution, and alert you to take remedial actions when such changes occur. 

Amazon SageMaker Model Dashboard and Model Monitor are available in all commercial regions where Amazon SageMaker is available. Visit the Amazon SageMaker developer guide for more information and sample notebooks.