Posted On: Mar 30, 2023

We are excited to announce search and discovery of AWS resources and AWS documentation content in the AWS Chatbot. The search feature allows customers to find their AWS resources and discover relevant AWS Documentation by simply typing queries in natural language.

When issues occur customers need to lookup product documentation or support articles to diagnose and remediate the issues. With this feature, customers can ask questions in natural language from chat channels to get answers to these issues without switching context to the AWS Console or other tools. Customers can type queries such as “@aws How do I update Lambda concurrency settings?” to receive answer excerpts from the AWS Documentation and AWS Support articles. Similarly, customers may need to quickly find relevant AWS resources to troubleshoot the issues. Customers can now find AWS resources by typing “@aws show ec2 instances in us-east-1” in chat channels to retrieve the matching AWS resources.

AWS resource and documentation search from chat channels is available at no additional cost. This feature is available in Microsoft Teams and Slack channels for all AWS Regions where AWS Chatbot service is offered. To perform search for AWS resources, you will need to turn on AWS Resource Explorer in the AWS Resource Explorer console. To learn more about AWS resources and AWS content search in AWS Chatbot, see the documentation. To get started with AWS Chatbot, visit the AWS Chatbot product page.