Posted On: Mar 8, 2023

AWS Glue now offers guided permissions setup in AWS Console. AWS Glue is a serverless data integration and ETL service that helps discover, prepare, move, and integrate data for analytics and machine learning (ML). Administrators can use the new setup tool to grant IAM roles and users access to AWS Glue and their data, as well as a default role for running jobs.

With this new feature, customers no longer need to read documentation or manually attach IAM policies to users that give them permissions to use AWS Glue functionality. The new setup tool also sets a default role for new AWS Glue jobs and notebooks, so users can start authoring jobs and working with the Data Catalog without further setup.

To use the feature, IAM admins can click the link on AWS Glue Console’s Getting Started page. To learn more, visit our documentation.

This feature is available in the same AWS Regions as AWS Glue.