Posted On: Mar 27, 2023

AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) now supports new migration and modernization features, including import/export of source environment inventory lists, a server migration status dashboard, and new application modernization actions. Application Migration Service helps minimize manual processes by automating the conversion of your source servers to run natively on AWS with optional modernization features.

You can now use Application Migration Service to import your source environment inventory list from a CSV file. This file allows you to specify server attributes individually or in bulk. This can help accelerate migration by connecting the inventory list from your discovery tools with Application Migration Service. After importing inventory with specified server attributes, you can start replicating these servers to AWS. You can also export source server inventory for reporting, offline review, and integration with other services.

Application Migration Service also supports a new source server migration status dashboard. Using this dashboard can simplify migration project management by providing an aggregated view of the migration lifecycle status of your source servers, including data replication status, test status, and cutover status.

Additional new features include support for 8 preconfigured application modernization actions, including upgrading a Windows Server version, converting a Windows MS-SQL BYOL to an AWS license, and installing the Amazon CloudWatch agent. Application Migration Service also now supports CentOS 5.5 and later and RHEL 5.5 and later operating systems.

To start using Application Migration Service for free, sign in through the AWS Management Console or visit the Application Migration Service product page or documentation.