Posted On: Mar 28, 2023

NICE DCV version 2023.0 introduces multiple enhancements and features, such as support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 and monitor selection for a full-screen remote session on Linux and macOS clients. NICE DCV is a high-performance remote display protocol that is designed to help customers securely access remote desktop or application sessions, including 3D graphics applications hosted on servers with high-performance GPUs.

NICE DCV version 2023.0 contains the following features and improvements:


  • Monitor selection for Linux and macOS clients - users can now choose which local display should be used for a full-screen remote session
  • Drag and drop file upload - to start a file upload, users can now use their mouse to drag and drop files from their local desktop to the DCV client window.
  • Support for additional Linux distributions - the DCV server software adds support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, Rocky Linux 9 and CentOS Stream 9. Please note that DCV only supports X11 display server protocol, the new Wayland protocol is not supported.
  • Time zone redirection - users can now configure sessions on Linux hosts to use the client's local time zone
  • QUIC transport updates - UDP-based QUIC transport was enhanced with image quality and performance optimizations.
  • User Interface changes - Incremental changes to the User interface of macOS and Linux clients to unify the user experience across different platforms

For more information, please see the NICE DCV 2023.0 release notes or visit the NICE DCV webpage to download and get started with DCV.