Posted On: Apr 28, 2023

Amazon CloudWatch is introducing enhancements to the console experience, which improve data visualizations, cross-console navigation and user experience. 

New data visualization enhancements include metric graphs, gauge and text widgets and alarm tagging. You can now plot side-by-side graphs with different time ranges, so that you can compare how a metric performs over different time periods. With gauge widgets, you can configure multiple color-coded thresholds, so that you can see at a glance how a metric performs relative to your KPIs and spot when it breaches a threshold. You can add additional information to an alarm such as tags, as well as text and images in markdown language. Transparent text widgets enable you to clearly define sections in dashboards using headings. 

We have enhanced alarms with correlated data links, which enables you to drill down from an alarm to related logs, Synthetics canaries and other AWS services. When collaborating on an operational issue you can also share a deep link to an alarm that zooms into your selected time range. 

User experience improvements include dashboard auto-save when editing; syntax highlighting and code formatting in the source code editor for metric widgets; and an easier way to plot multiple line graphs on the same widget.

The new console experience is now available in all AWS commercial regions at no additional cost and you can start using it immediately. To learn more about creating dashboards, please refer to our documentation. Or to see how to use alarms, refer to this documentation