Posted On: Apr 10, 2023

AWS Glue Studio now supports new native Amazon Redshift connector capabilities: browse Amazon Redshift tables directly in Glue Studio, add native Redshift SQL, execute common operations while writing to Amazon Redshift including drop, truncate, upsert, create or merge. AWS Glue Studio offers a visual extract-transform-and-load (ETL) interface that helps ETL developers to author, run, and monitor AWS Glue ETL jobs quickly. With this new feature, ETL developers can read and write data into Amazon Redshift more effectively using AWS Glue.

When authoring visual ETL, users can now browse Redshift tables directly making it faster to find the right data for your ETL job. Alternatively, select data by using native Redshift SQL by pasting your query from Amazon Redshift directly into AWS Glue. When writing data to Amazon Redshift, there are now 6 new options: create new tables using the schema from your ETL job, append adds data to existing tables, truncate removes existing data which is useful for replacing lookup data, drop re-creates the table allowing the schema to change, and finally merge either updates, deletes, or inserts when the data matches certain conditions. These capabilities enable a ETL developer to work with Amazon Redshift and AWS Glue across a variety of data situations within a single interface.

To try this feature, create a Visual ETL job and add a Redshift source or target to your job. This feature is available in the same AWS Regions as AWS Glue.

To learn more, visit the AWS Glue documentation.