Posted On: Apr 7, 2023

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Custom for SQL Server now supports the Multi-AZ deployment model, which provides enhanced availability and durability. Amazon RDS Custom is a managed database service for applications that require customization of the underlying operating system and database environment. RDS Custom lets you automate database administrative efforts for legacy, custom, and packaged apps so you can focus on more strategic, business-impacting activities.

The Multi-AZ deployment model for Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server keeps your database in sync between two AWS Availability Zones, with automatic failover to a secondary instance if your primary instance becomes unavailable. Availability Zones are physically separate locations with independent infrastructure engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones. Multi-AZ is a natural fit for production database workloads that require high availability.

To get started with RDS Custom for SQL Server using Multi-AZ deployment, read the setup guide in AWS Documentation, and deploy using the AWS CLI or AWS Management Console. Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server Multi-AZ instances are generally available in the following regions: US East (Ohio, N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo), Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Stockholm), and South America (São Paulo).