Posted On: May 31, 2023

Today, AWS announced the launch of a new customization feature for the Amazon VPC IP Address Manager (VPC IPAM) dashboard, that allows you to adapt the VPC IPAM dashboard to your specific needs. With this new feature, you can rearrange and resize widgets to your preferences. For example, if you want to see the overlapping CIDRs widget as the first item on the dashboard, you can move it to the top and resize it as needed. The dashboard also includes new insights into your top VPCs and subnets by allocated IP count, so you can take action before any resource runs out of IP addresses. You can also easily identify CIDRs that are overlapping, or CIDRs that are noncompliant with your allocation rules, using new intuitive graphs, to help you not overlook them.

VPC IPAM makes it easy to organize IP addresses based on your routing and security needs and set simple business rules to govern IP address assignments. Using VPC IPAM, you can automate IP address assignment to VPCs, eliminating the need to use spreadsheet-based or homegrown IP address planning applications, which can be hard to maintain and time-consuming. IPAM also automatically tracks critical IP address information, eliminating manual tracking and bookkeeping.

The customizable dashboard is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon VPC IPAM is available. To learn more, view our documentation. For details on IPAM pricing, visit Amazon VPC Pricing.