Posted On: May 4, 2023

Amazon VPC IP Address Manager (IPAM) makes it easier for you to plan, track, and monitor IP addresses for your AWS workloads. Amazon VPC IPAM is now available in two additional Regions: Asia Pacific (Hyderabad), and Asia Pacific (Jakarta).

Amazon VPC IPAM allows you to easily organize your IP addresses based on your routing and security needs and set simple business rules to govern IP address assignments. Using IPAM, you can automate IP address assignment to VPCs, eliminating the need to use spreadsheet-based or homegrown IP address planning applications, which can be hard to maintain and time-consuming. Amazon VPC IPAM automatically tracks critical IP address information, eliminating the need to manually track or do bookkeeping for IP addresses. IPAM retains your IP address monitoring data (up to a maximum of three years), which you can use to do retrospective analysis and audits for your network security and routing policies.

With this region expansion, Amazon VPC IPAM is available in all AWS Regions except Asia Pacific (Melbourne), Europe (Zurich), Europe (Spain), Middle East (UAE) and China (Beijing, operated by Sinnet), and China (Ningxia, operated by NWCD) Regions.

To learn more about IPAM, view the IPAM documentation. For details on pricing, visit Amazon VPC Pricing.