Posted On: May 30, 2023

Starting today, Amazon WorkSpaces provides support for the NICE DCV Extension Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK allows customers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to build custom extensions for the Amazon WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP), which is powered by NICE DCV technology.

These extensions provide a flexible method to integrate your streaming session to support custom peripherals, native applications, and more.

Custom application or peripheral integrations are established by leveraging a secure virtual channel over the DCV session stream. The flexibility of this SDK allows developers to reuse the same code across multiple platforms, even when multiple CPU architectures are being used. Customers can use the SDK in a number of ways, for example to facilitate custom hardware support, enhance the usability if third-party applications or allow security software to analyze the security posture of the local endpoint.

To get started with the NICE DCV Extension SDK, review the NICE DCV Extension SDK documentation. The SDK itself can be found in the NICE DCV Extension SDK Github repository. In addition, integration examples of the SDK can be found within the NICE DCV Extension SDK Samples Github repository.

Amazon WorkSpaces using WSP is available in all commercial AWS Regions in which Amazon WorkSpaces is available today, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.