Posted On: May 22, 2023

AWS Chatbot now supports access to Amazon CloudWatch dashboards and Logs Insights from AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams and AWS Chatbot for Slack. AWS customers can now find the status of their application health by accessing CloudWatch dashboards and log telemetry from their chat channels. When they receive Amazon CloudWatch alarm notifications for an incident in their chat channel, they can analyze the diagnostic data from the dashboards and remediate directly from their chat channel without switching context.

Customers can view Amazon CloudWatch dashboards and retrieve CloudWatch logs using action buttons displayed on the Amazon CloudWatch notifications in their chat channels. Customers can also type CLI commands to view dashboards and retrieve logs. Customers can customize the dashboard metric widget views with flexible filters. To retrieve Amazon CloudWatch logs, customers can run a new Logs Insight query or use one of their pre-saved queries.

Access to Amazon CloudWatch dashboards and logs from chat channels is available at no additional cost. This feature is available in your AWS Chatbot configured channels for Microsoft Teams and Slack in all AWS Regions where AWS Chatbot service is offered. To learn more about AWS Chatbot, visit the AWS Chatbot Getting Started Guide documentation or the AWS Chatbot product page.