Posted On: May 9, 2023

Today, AWS IoT SiteWise announced new performance enhancements that will significantly improve the retrieval of industrial data from its hot storage tier. We have improved the GetAssetPropertyValueHistory and BatchGetAssetPropertyValueHistory APIs by increasing the maximum number of results for each paginated response from 250 up to 20K.  With these upgrades, developers can now retrieve asset property data, including measurements, attributes, metrics, and transforms, at high velocity to build industrial applications.

We've increased the max page size limit for GetAssetPropertyValueHistory, and BatchGetAssetPropertyValueHistory APIs, which means you can specify higher maxResults in the API request in order to start retrieving data using less API calls. A reduced number of API calls results in a faster response time for analytics and data visualization applications. For example, applications that need to retrieve property data for hundreds of asset in order to create interactive dashboards showing historical trends from multiple machines in a single screen. 

High performance AWS IoT SiteWise hot tier data retrieval is available in all AWS regions where AWS IoT SiteWise is available. AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that enables customers to collect, store, organize and monitor data from industrial equipment at scale. To learn more, please visit the AWS IoT SiteWise website or the developer guide.