Posted On: May 10, 2023

Application Manager, a capability of AWS Systems Manager that helps DevOps engineers to investigate and remediate issues in the context of their applications, now enables customers to optimize the cost of compute resources associated with their applications. Customers can now view the cost of their applications in Application Manager and also take recommended actions, such as right sizing instances, to save costs.

Application Manager enables customers to monitor the operational status, metrics, and compliance of their applications from a central console. With this new feature, customers can now manage costs through integration with AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Compute Optimizer. Further, customers can now explore the cost trends of their applications, get recommendations to save costs, and take action to implement those with a few clicks – all from a single console.

This new feature is available in all AWS Regions where Systems Manager is offered, excluding the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. For information about Application Manager, see our documentation. To learn more about AWS Systems Manager, visit our product page.