Posted On: May 3, 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is announcing the general availability of AWS User Notifications, a new service that enables you to centrally setup and view notifications from AWS services, such as AWS Health events, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, or Amazon EC2 instance state changes, in a consistent, human-readable format. You can view notifications across accounts, regions, and services in a Console Notifications Center, and configure delivery channels where you want to receive these notifications, like email, AWS Chatbot, and AWS Console Mobile App. Notifications include URLs to direct to resources on the AWS Console, where you can take take additional actions.

With User Notifications, you specify which events you want to be notified about, and in which channels. Any user with User Notifications permissions can enable notifications for use cases like CloudWatch alarm state changes, and Health events.  For example, email whenever an EC2 instance in region IAD or FRA with tag ‘production’ changes state to “stopped”. In addition, you can aggregate multiple events into a single notification for an easy top-level view. 

Configuring and viewing notifications in the Console Notifications Center is offered at no additional cost.

AWS User Notifications is available in 27 AWS Regions. For more information, visit the AWS User Notifications product page and documentation. To get started, go to the Console Notifications Center.