Posted On: Jun 29, 2023

Amazon DevOps Guru now allows you to use customer managed keys (CMKs) with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). DevOps Guru already provides encryption by default using AWS-owned KMS keys for data stored in DevOps Guru. This feature provides you the option of adding a self-managed security layer, which can help you meet the compliance and regulatory requirements of your organization.

Amazon DevOps Guru is an AI-powered service designed to help customers improve the operational performance and availability for AWS resource-based services. Using machine learning, DevOps Guru generates and continuously fine-tunes alarms for vended metrics, effectively minimizing detection noise. DevOps Guru automatically correlates metric anomalies, logs, and events across various services, thereby simplifying troubleshooting. Additionally, it offers recommendations to expedite the mean time to resolution. DevOps Guru also helps customers proactively prevent operational issues by continuously forecasting resource requirements and flagging deviations from industry best practices in production environments.

To learn more about using CMKs with Amazon DevOps Guru, please visit our documentation. This feature is available in all AWS Regions where DevOps Guru is available.