Posted On: Jun 7, 2023

Amazon Redshift Serverless now allows you to schedule your SQL queries for staging in recurring schedules. You can now automate time sensitive or long running queries, loading or unloading your data using Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2 or Amazon Redshift Data API with flexible scheduling expressions, including cron expressions, for optimal control over query execution timing. The query scheduling is secured as you can either leverage your IAM credentials or secrets stored in AWS Secrets Manager.  

Amazon Redshift Serverless now supports Single sign-on with Identity Provider(IdP). You can now pass a list of database roles granted to a user based on his/her IdP group membership. As an administrator, you need to configure your Identity Provider(IdP) to pass in database roles by adding specific principal tags as SAML attributes. You can use single sign-on support with Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2, JDBC/ODBC clients, and Data API.

The features are available in all regions that support Amazon Redshift Serverless. For a list of AWS Regions where the Amazon Redshift Serverless is available, see the endpoints listed for Redshift Serverless API in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.