Posted On: Jun 13, 2023

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) now allows you to replicate and recover your AWS network components and configurations to maintain the readiness and security of your AWS recovery site. These components includes subnet CIDR, security groups, route tables, Internet gateways, and network ACLs.

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery helps minimize downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery of on-premises and cloud-based applications using affordable storage, minimal compute, and point-in-time recovery. Following this launch, you will no longer need to update and maintain your cross AWS region target environment every time your source environment's network configuration change. Automating the replication of your network (VPC) configuration substantially increases the chances of a smooth and rapid recovery and assists in maintaining continuous data replication. It also enhances security, saves time and resources, and reduces the risk of data loss.

In addition, AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery now supports Trusted accounts, a new feature that allows you to easily configure and monitor AWS DRS-related permissions.

The new capabilities are available in all of the AWS Regions where AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery is supported. See the AWS Regional Services List for the most up-to-date availability information.

To learn more about AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, visit the product page or documentation. To get started, sign in to the AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Console.