Posted On: Jun 6, 2023

In AWS Marketplace, customers can now filter for products with Vendor Insights security profiles that are FedRAMP authorized or in process. With AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights, you can complete third-party software risk assessments in days instead of months. Vendor Insights serves buyers who need help to efficiently validate that third-party software meets their business compliance needs. Vendor Insights also serves sellers who want to showcase their strong security posture, while reducing the operational burden from responding to buyer requests for risk assessment information.

Vendor Insights helps reduce the need for an extensive IT security assessment and discovery process for third-party vendors. You can now quickly discover products in AWS Marketplace that meet your security and certification standards by searching for and accessing Vendor Insights profiles, that include external audit reports like ISO27001, SOC2 Type 2, and now FedRAMP authorization. You can access and download current and validated information, with evidence gathered from the vendors’ security tools and audit reports. Post-purchase, continually monitor your software’s security posture post-procurement and receive notifications for security and compliance events, helping you learn of changes to vendor FedRAMP authorizations status.

Vendor Insights is available in all public AWS Regions where AWS Marketplace is available.

Discover products with Vendor Insights security profiles that have FedRAMP authorization in AWS Marketplace. To learn more, visit the AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights webpage.