Posted On: Jul 13, 2023

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a service that provides fully managed shared storage built on NetApp’s popular ONTAP file system, is announcing two additional monitoring capabilities that enable you to monitor file system events and diagnose network connectivity: you can now access ONTAP Event Management System (EMS) logs and collect packet captures on your file systems.

ONTAP offers an event logging system called the Event Management System (EMS). EMS events inform you of ongoing events (e.g., a volume becoming nearly-full, or automatically changing in size using ONTAP’s volume auto-sizing feature), and also log detailed error messages such as authentication issues between your storage virtual machines (SVMs) and your Active Directory. Starting today, you can access EMS events using ONTAP’s native CLI or REST API, giving you an additional way to monitor your file system and troubleshoot network connectivity.

Additionally, ONTAP customers sometimes use packet captures when troubleshooting network connectivity. Packet captures provide a granular look at the data that’s transferred to or from a client performing the packet capture, which can be used to determine at what point data is not being transferred or received. Starting today, you can collect packet captures on your FSx for ONTAP file systems.

These features are available for new file systems starting today in all AWS Regions where FSx for ONTAP is available. Existing file systems will get this support during an upcoming weekly maintenance window. Learn more about EMS event monitoring and Creating packet captures in the FSx for ONTAP user guide.