Posted On: Aug 7, 2023

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) now has the capability to deliver live streams with latency that can be under 300 millisecond from host to viewer, to an audience of up to 10,000 viewers.

Previously, Amazon IVS supported streaming channels that can be under 3 seconds from encoder to viewer with its Low-Latency Streaming capability. Now using Amazon IVS Real-Time Streaming, you can build interactive video features for social media applications or for latency sensitive use cases like auctions.

When using the Real-Time Streaming capability, participants join a virtual resource called a “stage” as either viewers or hosts. Multiple hosts can collaborate on a stage and up to 10,000 participants can be viewers watching the stage. You can build applications that let a host promote an audience member “on stage”, turning them from a viewer into a host.

With Real-Time Streaming you pay an hourly rate for the duration that hosts or viewers are connected to the stage resource as participants. Visits the Amazon IVS pricing page for more details.

Amazon IVS is a managed live streaming solution that is designed to make low-latency or real-time video available to viewers around the world. Video ingest and delivery are available over a managed network of infrastructure optimized for live video. Visit the AWS region table for a full list of AWS Regions where the Amazon IVS console and APIs for control and creation of video streams are available.

To get started, see the following resources: