Posted On: Aug 30, 2023

Amazon S3 now supports multivalue answer (MVA) in response to DNS queries for S3 endpoints. With MVA, you can now get up to eight S3 IP addresses per DNS query. You can use these IP addresses to automatically make multiple concurrent connections to S3 which can improve throughput. MVA also makes retries more efficient as applications will automatically try an alternative IP address without having to wait for another DNS query.

Newer versions of the AWS SDK including Java 2.x, C++ and Python (Boto3) automatically benefit from MVA, with no changes required to your application. If you are using Java SDK v2 with the Common Runtime (CRT) library for asynchronous operations, MVA adds additional benefit. CRT offers an alternative S3 asynchronous client that transfers objects to and from S3 with enhanced performance, by automatically using S3's multipart upload API and byte-range fetches. In addition, CRT improves reliability by automatically retrying individual failed parts of a file transfer without restarting the transfer from the beginning. When used with MVA, these retries are made to alternative IP address, further improving the reliability of your connections to S3.

MVA responses to DNS queries for Amazon S3 endpoints are supported at no additional cost in all AWS Commercial Regions. To learn more about MVA routing, visit the developer guide. For more information on Amazon S3 endpoints and benefits of enabling CRT, refer to this documentation, FAQs, and blog.