Posted On: Sep 25, 2023

Amazon DocumentDB is now available in the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) region adding to the list of available regions where you can use Amazon DocumentDB.

Amazon DocumentDB is a fully managed, native JSON database that makes it simple and cost-effective to operate critical document workloads at virtually any scale without managing infrastructure. Amazon DocumentDB is designed to give you the scalability and durability you need when operating mission-critical MongoDB workloads. Storage scales automatically up to 128TiB without any impact to your application. In addition, Amazon DocumentDB natively integrates with AWS Database Migration Service(DMS), Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Lambda, AWS Backup and more. Amazon DocumentDB supports millions of requests per second and can be scaled out to 15 low latency read replicas in minutes with no application downtime.

To learn more about Amazon DocumentDB, please visit the Amazon DocumentDB product page, pricing page and documentation

You can create a Amazon DocumentDB cluster from the AWS Management console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), or SDK.