Posted On: Sep 22, 2023

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports an in-place major version upgrade (MVU) from Amazon DocumentDB versions 3.6 and 4.0 to version 5.0. Instead of backing up and restoring the database to the new version or relying on database migration tools, you can perform an in-place major version upgrade with a few clicks using the AWS console, the latest AWS Software Development Kit (SDK), or Command Line Interface (CLI). With in-place MVU, no new clusters are created in the process and you can continue using the existing cluster endpoints for your applications. 

Amazon DocumentDB 5.0 offers compatibility with MongoDB 5.0 API and several enhancements over earlier Amazon DocumentDB versions including support for document compression, faster indexing with index build status, client-side Field Level Encryption (FLE), index scans with $elemMatch operator, and new aggregate operators. Visit Amazon DocumentDB 5.0 documentation for a full list of features. 

To perform an in-place major version upgrade for Amazon DocumentDB 5.0, select the “Modify” option on the AWS Management Console that corresponds with the cluster you want to upgrade, choose version 5.0 and the required parameter group, and proceed with your upgrade. You can choose to apply the upgrade immediately or during your next maintenance window. Your Amazon DocumentDB cluster will be unavailable during the upgrade. Please review in-place MVU documentation to learn more.

In-place MVU is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon DocumentDB 5.0 is available, except in AWS GovCloud (US) region. There are no additional costs to upgrade.